The "Portsmouth Platform"

While meeting in the City of Portsmouth on Friday, March 24th, 2017, the Southern Ohio Progressive Movement adopted its official platform, which is meant to guide its efforts at the local, state, and national level.

The platform reads:

In order to fulfill its purpose, the Southern Ohio Progressive Movement advocates for and seeks partnerships that support the following:

  • Local Markets and Economies
  • Social Security and Medicare Expansion
  • Workers Rights and Paid Parental Leave
  • Living Wages and Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • Free Speech and the Free Press
  • Universal Health Care
  • Equal Rights for All
  • Gun Rights and Responsibilities
  • Environmental Protections and Conservation
  • Public Education, Housing, and Transportation
  • Local, State, and Federal Grant Programs
  • Voting Rights, Campaign Finance Reform, and Voter Education
  • Benefits and Respect for Veterans
  • Sustainable Farming
  • Public Recreation, Health, and Wellness Programs
  • Climate Change Science and Clean Energy
  • Immigration Reform
  • Community Beautification and Historic Preservation

In order to fulfill its purpose, the Southern Ohio Progressive Movement opposes and seeks partnerships that resist:

  • Income inequality and the decline of the Middle Class
  • The Opiate Addiction Epidemic
  • Union Busting and “Right-to-Work” Legislation
  • Cuts to Public Education Funding
  • Nepotism and Corruption in Government
  • Predatory Lending
  • Oppression of Minority Groups
  • Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
  • Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression Laws
  • For-Profit Prisons and Mass Incarceration
  • Unsustainable Logging of State and National Forests
  • Fracking on State and National Forest Lands


If you or your organization support our platform please consider signing up for our newsletter and making a donation to our cause.

If you are running for public office and you agree with our platform please join us at one of our future meetings.  Add your voice to our "Progressive Voices Speaker Series." Join us in supporting progressive causes and candidates in southern Ohio.

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